Thursday, November 24, 2005

Genuine Frontier BS

Or Bad Statistics. These numbers, based on research I did for the "Why Wal-Mart Works" book earlier this year, are not statistically possible. But look at 1)Who funded the studies and 2)Who did them.

From AP:

Researchers said random purchases at 60 Wal-Mart stores in California found that the wrong price came up 8.3 percent of the time. At 78 stores in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan, check-out scanners rang up the wrong price 6.4 percent of the time. In both states, some prices rang up higher and some were lower.

The recent studies were commissioned by the Union of Food and Commercial Workers, which has been unsuccessful in its attempts to organize Wal-Mart workers for years, and released by a UFCW-backed campaign group, Wake Up Wal-Mart. The research was conducted by the University of Illinois-Chicago Center for Urban Economic Development and the University of California-Berkeley.

Wal-Mart cannot be faulted on logistics and IT. WalmartWatch is just getting boring now.