Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Good Way To Start The Morning

The whole "defending Wal-Mart" experience I've been through has been stressful and tiring. But it seems worthwhile when letters like this come in. I've redacted his name and hometown, but his feelings towards Wal-Mart reflect what I 've heard from other associates.

Hello Ron, my name is ****. I am a manager for Walmart in the great state of Maryland. I had to send you a message thanking you for speaking on our behalf. it is so great to see that someone is taking our side as opposed to those others that hate us. They are just trying to make us look bad through lies and deception. I am so glad that the people of the US still believe in us, it helps with someone like you. Walmart has been a great company for me to work for, it will be only 3 years on April 1st, 2006, but they have been great for me. I am 22 and have been a salaried manager for them for over a year. I started my career out in a supercenter in *****, Md. I worked in the automotive section as a stocker. When I was in my interview or a job with walmart they asked me what I wanted to do with them. I told them that I would be management within a year from my hire date. They said that although hard, it was possible. It was almost to the day that I was hired a year later that i was accepted into the management training program. It has been great, I love my job. Just recently I had a snowboarding accident, just after Christmas last year, I shattered my collarbone. My district manager has been talking with me the whole time and checkning up on me to see how I am doing, I have been getting paid my normal wage ever since I had to take a medical leave of absence. I am returning to work on the 30th of January. It will be over a month since i have been there and my job remains. I just wanted to tell you my story, and that you are the kind of people that I look for to help our company. Thank you again.