Sunday, October 23, 2005

Jim Rogers from WWW

As teased, here is part of our talk with famous author and adventurer Jim Rogers...

"Nobody is forcing anybody to go to Wal-Mart as far as I know. I grew up in a small little town everybody goes to Wal-Mart from miles around but it’s not as thought Wal-Mart’s out there with machine guns saying you got to come to Wal-Mart, people are driving from miles around because they get better prices, better quality, and better service. It’s like anybody else when they come to town, if they give a better product, people are going to buy it.

You know a hundred years ago people screamed all over Europe that products were coming from America. They railed at people who bought American products, but American products were cheaper, and better, and so people bought them. People are always going to buy products where they can get the best price. Fifty years ago it was Japan, that people railed about. Said those products come from Japan and its cheap. Well that’s the point. You want to buy good quality products that are cheap and if you can figure out where they are going to come from in advance, you should do it."